Roc Goudreau, Artist

Roc Goudreau, creator of the Tree House Brewing Company logo, was born in Ware, Massachusetts where he started his art career at a young age.  After studying painting with Elizabeth Howe Lincoln he went on to study drawing under Dean G. Keller at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.

Over the years he has won numerous awards at various art shows for his drawings and paintings. During the last 40 years Roc has made a living as a professional artist. He has taught color theory and application techniques at the Northampton School of Design and is one of the founders of Workshop13,  a non-profit cultural arts and learning center that supports the development of visual, performing and expressive artists. 

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3rd & Final Print of this Series!

Tree House Brewing Company, Charlton, MA Spring Painting

Tree House ‘New Beginning’

After many months of a pandemic, signs of a new beginning are in the air…  

The painting takes place at the end of the 19th century. It’s late Spring and an early evening shower had just passed. The air is freshly cleansed, and the remaining mist is being carried away on a gentle breeze.

The Tree House, transcending time, witnesses a lovely young brewer returning home with her basket of hops. On the way she is distracted by the playfulness of a curious dove. It was there she contemplates the joy her magical ale will once again bring to her people.

To share this piece of art with the Tree House family we are once again introducing a signed and numbered limited edition Giclee. Like the last print, these beautiful prints in short time will become a collector’s item.

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